роликовые цепи BS и ANSI

Точные роликовые цепи британских стандартов P (B.S.) и американских стандартов (A.N.S.I.) от 1/4" до 2.1/2" однорядные и многорядные.
Для силового привода до 2500 кВт и скоростей до 25 метров в секунду.
Cross & Morse производит цепи высокого качества, используя современные технологии и свой долгий опыт конструирования и производства.

roller chainsRoller Chains

Precision Roller Chains to both British Standard (B.S.)
and American Standard (A.N.S.I.) from 1/4" to 2.1/2" in simplex and multistrand forms.
Drives suitable for powers from fractional to 2500 kW with operating speeds up to 25 metres per second.
Cross & Morse produce only high performance Roller Chain of consistent quality, using modern manufacturing technology combined with long established and proven specifications.

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special construction & attachment chains, accumulator chains, flow wrap infeed chains, chocolate moulding chain, shrink wrap tunnel chains, flight chainsSpecial Construction and Attachment Chains

For conveying and transportation a large range of attachments includes standard stock K and M plates, extended pins, and hollow pin chain, plus many custom designed attachments.
Stainless steel and special plated chains suitable for high temperature and corrosive applications can also be supplied.

Cross+Morse have experience in producing several different types of chain for biscuit manufacturers

Chocolate Moulding plant chain

Flow wrap In Feed chains

Accumulator chains

Flight chains

Shrink wrap tunnel chains

Crossfeed chains

Special Construction and Attachment Chains PDF Catalogue



Spring loaded tensioners extend the life of roller chain, particularly on long centre distance drives. These products are suitable for simplex and multistrand applications.

Rotary Tensioner: Automatic 90° tensioning action.

Linear Tensioner: Automatic linear adjustment.

Chain guides made from self lubricated UHMW polyethylene.

Fixed Tensioner: Manually adjustable with UHMW polyethylene guides.

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rivet extractorRivet Extractors

Roller Chain tools reduce time both in the field and in the shop and are a necessity for disconnecting roller chains from bulk length, or for chain repair and alteration purposes. The tool requires virtually no maintenance, all parts being produced from high grade steels, with moving parts hardened for maximum strength and wear resistant qualities.

Tool Number 36 - 3/8” - 3/4” / 05B-12B / 25-60 / 208-212

Tool Number 610 - 3/4” - 1.1/4”/ 12B-16B/ 60-100/ 212-216

Tool Number 1220 - 1.1/4” - 2”/ 20B-16B/ 120-160


stock pilot bore sprocketsStock Pilot Bore Sprockets

An extensive range of stock pilot bored sprockets to suit British Standard simplex, duplex, and triplex chains from 8mm to 2" pitch, and American Standard simplex chains from 1/4" to 1" pitch, with tooth sizes from 8 to 150 teeth including most even tooth sizes. Sprockets to 40 teeth are manufactured in medium carbon steel, which can be provided with either chemical black or plain finish, and for simplex in 304 stainless steel. Larger sprockets are produced in high grade cast iron.

Stock Pilot Bore Sprockets PDF Catalogue


double simplex sprocketsDouble Simplex Sprockets

For powered roller conveyor, a range of B.S. Double Simplex sprocket from 12 to 25 teeth for 3/8" to 1" chain are available pilot bored or with taper bore.

Double Simplex Sprockets PDF Catalogue


taper bore sprockets bushesAvailable from stock are taper bore steel sprockets in most tooth sizes up to 30 teeth, and above in cast iron up to 114 teeth, for British Standard simplex, duplex, and triplex chains from 3/8" to 1" pitch. Also, a complete range of Taper Bushes with both imperial and metric bore sizes.

Taper Bore Sprockets and Bushes PDF Catalogue


platewheelsidler sprocketsPlatewheels, Adaptors and idler sprockets

Stock range of steel platewheels for 8mm to 2" pitch, tooth sizes 8 to 125 tooth for simplex, duplex, and triplex chains. Standard weld on hubs and screw adaptors enable quick production of large sprockets. Idler sprockets for 3/8" to 1.1/4" pitch chain are stocked with greased for life bearings.

Platewheels, Adaptors and idler sprockets PDF Catalogue


special sprocketsSpecial Sprockets

Custom designed sprockets, platewheels, split wheels, ring-gears or segments to suit BS or ANSI roller chains, double pitch, cranked link or inverted tooth chains, from 1/4" to 3" pitch up to 1.5 metre sprocket diameter.

Facilities include broaching, key seating, drilling, grinding milling, honing and induction hardening. Standard sprockets can also be modified to suit customers' requirements on a 48-hour service.


We are the original manufacturers of the Automotive Chain Tensioner.
12 inch tensioners
12 inch Tensioners used in the following Jaguar engines:-

V12 engines for XJS, XJ12 and Daimler double 6.
6 inch Tensioners used in the following Jaguar engine:-

3.4 litre
6 inch tensioners
3 inch tensioners
3 inch Tensioners used in the following cars:-

Austin Rover Mini, Morris Minor, A40.