Высокомоментные гидромоторы от Rineer Hydraulics для бурения


Rineer имеет более чем 35-летний опыт проектирования и производства гидравлических двигателей для широкого спектра применений. В отличие от большинства других производителей гидравлических, мы нацелены исключительно на производство гидравлических двигателей. Будь ваша отрасль в нефтяной сфере, морской, лесное хозяйство, сельское хозяйство, транспорт, строительство и связь, мы предоставляем вариант. Жесткие условия работы продукции являются нормой.







Unlike most other hydraulic motors, the distinctive design of the Rineer Rotating Element lends itself to a wide variety of special applications. Drill heads have become a natural extension of the product line due to through-hole capability of the shaft. Rineer drillheads are currently in service on underground mining, water well, blast hole, and horizontal directional drills. The through-hole shaft is also used in our unique coaxial style motors. This product is comprised of two motors with one shaft being driven through the center of the other. The two motors are independent of each other and shafts may be rotated at different speeds and directions. Another variation of this hollow shaft motor is the piggyback. In this design, two independent motors are combined by plugging one motor directly into the shaft of the other. These unique through-hole shaft motors can be customized to fit your application.


15 Series motors are available with a retractable shaft design which allows the shaft to be dissengaged from a gearbox or drive train. These motors are available with manual or hydraulic shift. The 15 Series is also available as a combination motor/flow divider used to synchronize speeds of independent actuators. In this design, inlet flow is divided with a portion of the flow powering the motor. The remaining flow is diverted to a third port supplying oil to a second actuator.

The 4-port motor is available in the 37, 57, and 125 Series. These motors are made up of two rotary elements separated by a center housing. Equal or dissimilar displacements may be combined to attain desired total CID. When supplied with external valving, they can be used as either 2 or 3-speed motors.

Our new high-performance motors (5000 PSI along with higher speeds) are currently available for more rigorous applications. Models include 37, 57, & 125 Series.